How to Promote Music Festival on Instagram

Because of the industry’s competitive nature, music event organizers are constantly striving to outdo one another through innovative measures. Social media campaigns, particularly on visually-driven platforms, are an illustration of this. They want to make their location, audience, event culture, and performers as inviting as possible.

We can see that some festivals buy instagram views as they rely on Instagram to promote their events, create a better reputation, and increase audience engagement. The campaign on this platform aims to raise brand awareness while remaining true to the festival’s essence. At this point, platforms like Instagram have become incredibly useful for festival organizers.

8 Ways music festivals can engage with their audience through the Platform.

1. Come up with a branded hashtag

Music festivals can use the platform by designing a unique hashtag for the festival. Encourage all the attendees to use the hashtag when experiences and photos are on the social media platform. Other people will find out any content related to the festival event leading to a buzz generation.

2. Generate visually attractive posts

The platform is a photo-sharing platform where users always know what’s trending and take inspiration. Therefore, when promoting your music festival event, use photos of high quality in your advertisement posts to spread the word. To attract your target audience, use catchy visuals that will effectively grab their attention.

3. Show behind the scene stories

The social media platform has a story feature where you can share glimpses of the scene of the artists’ rehearsals, sound checks, and festival preparations. It can be treated as a sneak peek that shows your fans what to expect from the event and brings excitement.

4. Showcase the fashion of the event

Music events come up with unique styles and fashion depending on the festival culture. Showcase the festival fashion by sharing videos and pictures of attendees’ outfits on the social media platform. Ask the attendees to use the event’s hashtag when posting any of the festival’s related posts.

5. Organize giveaways and free tickets for winners

Generate engagement and excitement on the social media platform by hosting giveaways. Give the winners free festival tickets and a goody bag to motivate them to attend. Also, you can organize a meet and greet with the invited artists.

6. Post announcements

Announce new artists invited to perform at the festival through the platform. Share artists’ videos and photos and use slogans to give information about performances and music. It will draw attention to your audience.

7. Work with influencers

Promote the festival event by partnering with influencers in the fashion and music industry. Ask them to share stories or photos on their Insta accounts. Most influencers have many followers on the platform who will get attracted to your event. In many cases, fans will be excited to attend an event recognized by their favorite influencer.

8. User-generated content

Showcase the festival experience from the perspective of the attendees by reposting it on your Insta account. It motivates people to share their experiences during the festival as well.


Instagram is a great social media platform to share music festival events. Using it, festivals can connect easily with the audience, advertise their events, and create a sense of community. Overall, the platform will help your festival event achieve amazing results when properly used!

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