The Essential Rules of Dressing in Music Festivals

In a music festival, not only do you jam to the catchy beats and tunes and have a good time, but you also get to express yourself through your clothing style like custom hoodies Canada. When it comes to outdoor concerts, though, you must stay updated on the weather forecast before the event, so having a few spare hoodies is a must. Combine that apparel with some fashion accessories, and you make yourself comfortable and look cool upon arriving at the venue.

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Regarding what to wear to a musical performance of your choice, you may follow through with the following essential rules when you are about to attend a gig.

1.   Create a sense of personal style and keep it

Going to a show like it’s a typical holiday is a bad idea. In other words, don’t do it as if you’re about to visit a costume party.

Try to establish a personal style and incorporate some substantially fashionable elements like the ’60s getup.

2.   Select a piece of a fashion statement

Even if – let’s say – you’re wearing a bohemian or boho wardrobe overall at such a festival, there’s still a chance that people might look at you like you’re trying too hard to fit in with the theme.

What you should give a try instead is to choose at least one fashion trend, find some basics in your closet, blend them all, and you’re finally making yourself look cool. A jacket, short shorts, and a pair of lace-up sandals are some of the most fitting pieces that make up a boho statement.

3.   Vintage is your safest bet

Going for a vintage style of getup in any concert is one common but brilliant idea.

Visit your nearest vintage store and try to find some old band T-shirts from the ’60s up to the ’90s. Such a piece looks best when accompanied with a pair of a beat-up leather jacket, ripped jeans, or even jean shorts.

4.   Match your wardrobe with the festival’s venue

If the concert is held near the beach or just along the ocean shore, you need to be smart about what combination of clothes to wear.

To give you the slightest idea, when you want to bring along your bathing suit, wear it and add a cut-up T-shirt on top of it. You may also wear your bathing suit beneath your pair of denim overalls.

5.   Bring along a few spare coats

With climate change becoming the norm, who knows what would happen during the musical event. So it’s best to pack along some extra coats or hoodies since there’s no guarantee that a desert stays hot throughout the day.

6. Avoid flip-flops as much as possible

Wearing a pair of flip-flops during gigs is no doubt one of the worst ideas you could ever imagine. With all the dirt and mud, your feet will look awful at the end of the day.

Instead, wear a sturdy pair of footwear that offers sufficient coverage for your feet. One good recommendation is a pair of ankle booties.

Whatever you decide to wear, always make sure that you’ll be comfortable. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy!

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