4 Cannabis at Festivals in Canada

On the 17th of October 2018, Cannabis became legal in Canada. After that, its use started to find its way into festivals and significant events. However, the legality of weed usage in CBD-infused products depends on the municipality. This means that the municipalities could go against the law or not. For those seeking a legal and accessible option, consider exploring the availability of Delta-8 gummies online.
1. Journey Cannabis and Music Festival
The organizers of this were already planning a three-day festival in Ontario. Ontario allows marijuana to be consumed …

The Five Best Travel Apps to Download in 2021

Preparing for your next music festival experience? Here are five travel apps you can have on your phone to check out the best flight, transport, location guide, and accommodation experience:
What makes this app advantageous in finding places to stay is that they have a lot of them across the world. Whether you’re traveling to Toronto or the US, and even in Europe, there is always an Airbnb space where you can stay for the entire duration of the music fest.
For overland routes, Rome2Rio provides the best and most user-friendly UI that tells you info on the bus, train schedules, and even …

Fly to Festivals via the Canadian WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines has been one of the best airplanes to fly from Canada to anywhere in the world. They do approximately 720 daily flights to more than a hundred destinations. The best part? They do routes to popular international music festivals such as Toronto to London (Gatwick International Airport) and Toronto to Paris (Orly International Airport)
If you’re planning to stay long, baggage is never an issue with their spacious luggage requirements. By far, it has been the most uncomplicated carry-on experience we had during our flights to music festivals. WestJet also doesn’t weigh carry-on bags which is truly less convenient …

Save Money When Travelling with Credit Cards

Whether you’re attending local or international music festivals, it’s always best to look at these banking/credit card tips and tricks that can technically save you some cash when traveling:
Get yourself an international credit card
Choose the ones with 0% foreign transaction fees. Also, if they offer transaction alerts on their mobile app or through SMS alerts, subscribe to them. It’s best to use international credit cards for traveling costs like airfare and lodging, but it’s also better to receive alerts everytime you transact overseas using your international credit card.
Use the ATM when exchanging …