Fly to Festivals via the Canadian WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines has been one of the best airplanes to fly from Canada to anywhere in the world. They do approximately 720 daily flights to more than a hundred destinations. The best part? They do routes to popular international music festivals such as Toronto to London (Gatwick International Airport) and Toronto to Paris (Orly International Airport)

If you’re planning to stay long, baggage is never an issue with their spacious luggage requirements. By far, it has been the most uncomplicated carry-on experience we had during our flights to music festivals. WestJet also doesn’t weigh carry-on bags which is truly less convenient when traveling with only one carry-on baggage.

What makes it even more special is how the Canadian flight crews are incredibly polite. Moreover, their oversized seating, appetizing lunch, and great wine makes our trip comfortable. We also recommend that you include the WestJet Plus fare for better flights with them.

Overall, we had a great experience flying with WestJet. Customer experience is spectacular, the flight is remarkably comfortable, and they do take you directly to music fest cities without that connecting flight hassles. You can check out flight deals on their websites and see whether they fly to your next music festival locations.

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